We’re moving!

I just popped in to say: we’re six days away from our house move, and my to-do list is pretty daunting right now. Very little packing has actually been occurring. Most of the work has been annoying little administrative tasks like getting utilities transferred and addresses changed and internet / TV subscriptions sorted out and damaged wall fixed and blah blah… oh, and lots of purging. We are moving from a 1050 square foot apartment to a 980 square foot one, with a particularly small living area, an additional bedroom, two useless balconies and bay windows galore, which basically translates to – no storage. I handed over 4 gigantic garbage bags of clothes to my mother for her to recycle three weeks ago, and every weekend I’ve been handing her more stuff. An insane amount of stuff. I even threw out half of our books (you’d be interested to know, Gina Ford’s Contented Baby book got thrown out immediately *shudder*).

So we’re closing out the year with lots of activity, and an apparently healthy mini-baby. =) Teeny tiny little baby with five fingers on each hand. I didn’t see him/her move, which bothers me slightly, but everything seemed to be in order at 11+ weeks.

By the way, if you thought the Two Week Wait sucked, I assure you that the Four Week Wait between first trimester ultrasounds is absolutely unbearable. That month was the slowest of my life. You sort of mull over that iffy bean-like image for four weeks, wondering if it has sprouted proper limbs etc, and although you obsessively check which fruit your baby most closely resembles each week (“the size of a fig from crown to rump”), that’s all theory. It’s like anticipating a blind date – you know the specs, but don’t really know what the substance of it is going to be until you’re face to face. And then there it was, finally, up on the screen, my baby looking entirely baby-like, with legs raised in that froggy way and ten fingers and ten toes, arms gently floating on a thick cloud of amniotic fluid, pulsing with every assertive heartbeat. It was an assertive heartbeat. I will probably ask that at every doctor’s visit. “How’s the heartbeat?” (Does it look like it may stop?)

I go back one and a half weeks later. I don’t think I will stop being nervous until I feel him/her kick.


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