It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Not.) Also, parenting fail.

samsung jupiter air purifier

If you are currently residing in Singapore or Malaysia, laugh a bitter laugh with me.

As for those of you who aren’t – just be informed that for the past week, we have all been blanketed in various degrees of toxic smoke created by evil farmers in Indonesia who have decided that making people sick (or dead) is but a small price to pay for cheap land clearing.

THIS HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Some years, we are blessed with favourable winds which blow the heinous haze away, and other years, like this one, you can see it, smell it, and feel it in your throat. Some years, you have a little toddler who you assume is able to just shake off the haze as a fact of Singaporean life, and carry on as usual, as we all do, until one day his throat tickle becomes a full blown runny nose which morphs quickly into a terrible phlegmy cough which keeps him up all night because he can’t sleep without sucking his thumb and he can’t breathe if he does.

Suffice to say, on said night, in a fit of parental remorse and sheer desperation, I sent my husband out on a mission to acquire an air purifier about fifteen minutes before the stores closed, after unsuccessful attempts to communicate with sellers on Carousell. (“Hi! Is your air purifier with the free filters still available? Hello?? Hello???? Can I pick it up now? Answer meeeee!!!”) Unfortunately, the good ones were all either $800 (what??) or sold out and the cheap ones weren’t going to do the job. The next day, I marched grimly to the “Lucky Shop” a few blocks away, which proved to be so, because I found an okay priced (if you can call $349 an okay price) Samsung air purifier which I actually really like. Just in case you’re in the market for one. Which you probably aren’t, because you bought your air purifier five years ago, being the prepared and common sensical person that I am not. Anyway, I really like it. It makes me feel secure and comforted and happy, even if it sits there in the corner of the living room berating me gently for not purchasing it earlier and being more vigilant about keeping Michael indoors once the PSI hit 100. Yes, it does all that. And more! It has a cool light indicator which turns a creepy yellow/orange if the air quality sucks (which it picks up on the moment I open the windows) and a zen blue if the air is clean. Which is has been, these days. Indoors. We’ve been holed up here like hermits, peering half longingly and half disgustedly through the windows.

I’m not sure if it’s just him being stir crazy or it’s because of his sickness or because hiss canines are pushing through (why must teething always come and join the party? Why???!?) but the past week has made Michael into a bit of a raging, tantruming beast. A raging tantruming beast who only wants his maman, by the way. Separation anxiety, woot! I love you, old friend.

By the way, here’s another shoutout to Hyland’s – this time, their Tiny Cold Tablets, which seem to do a pretty good job at staunching a runny nose. This company is amazing. Their cough mixture (yes, I have practically purchased their entire range) is not so effective in clearing phlegm, because I don’t think that’s what they claim it can do, but I’m sure it works on the right kinds of coughs, too. Every single time that I’ve given Michael a dose each of the cold tablets and the teething tablets, he’s napped a solid 2 hours at least, and every time I haven’t, he’s woken up after 30 minutes, in a proper rage. It could be coincidence, or I could just be an idiot for still thinking that it might be.


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