We got back yesterday!

And I am so relieved, and so tired. Tahiti for three weeks was… well… two weeks too long, maybe. More on that later, once my brain resets and I can actually put together a halfway intelligent sentence.

Last night wasn’t too bad as far as a jet lagged and disoriented one year old goes – just two very brief wakings and back down until 6am. Michael seemed generally happy to be reunited with his ya ya and toys (kept looking at them in a glazed, happy wonder), and I was even able to put him down and walk away for thirty seconds before he started to protest. Again, more on that later. We drove out to the market early in the morning today and it felt so good to lock ourselves back down into a secure, comfortable routine, which doesn’t involve mosquitoes, loud scooter noises, trigger happy dogs and malfunctioning air conditioners. Loved Tahiti, can you tell?

Actually, I almost did. Because just 30 minutes away, this exists:


Be right back!


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