Food Adventures: Beetroot Mash

I’ll be straight with you – I think beetroot’s kind of nasty. It stains my hands and tastes a little weird, almost chemical-like. But I bought a small one on a whim at the supermarket, figuring that Michael might like it, since it was his favourite colour, and kind of sweet. Then I left it in my refrigerator for many, many days until I decided that we really, really had to eat that beetroot in the refrigerator.

I figured that it would be a good idea to serve it during our Christmas lunch, alongside the roast pork and sausages. So at the eleventh hour, I googled “best beetroot recipe”, which led to me boiling the thing with some potatoes, whizzing it all in the food processor with some butter and seasoning, and calling it a day. Voila. Beetroot mash.

Bleurgh. Do people really eat this?

Anyway, I was happy to pass the bowl on to Michael. His verdict?


Uh oh.

baby eating beetroot


baby eating beetroot 2


Just to be clear, I didn’t spoil his Christmas entirely – he got his usual favourites as well as a giant piece of roast chicken, which more than made up for the beetroot.

Since we had lots of leftovers (I guess nobody liked it), I fed it to Michael for the next two days, twice a day. Guess what? After the second try, he no longer minded it! Hooray! I made my kid almost enjoy something I dislike!

So I might add this into the rotation. Together with the potato, it makes for a pretty healthy starch option.


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