Christmas 2014: a.k.a. evergreen branches or any sort of branches are not available for sale here, just in case anybody was wondering.

But we do the best we can with what we have been given. In this case, supermarket tinsel.


Christmas launched an ambush, and here we are, heads spinning, unable to let go of all the cheap but beautiful string lights and the candles which only get lit once a year. With John Lennon (or Celine Dion, pick your poison) ear worming through our heads: So this is Christmas… and what have we done?

Christmas cushions, for one. As promised:

christmas cushions

Even better, this happened in front of those cushions:

baby and grandma

It wasn’t all perfect, but it’s been the best. And I really mean the year. See you guys in 2015!

baby opening christmas present

baby opening christmas present 2


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