9 months

nine months baby

I was a couple of paragraphs into writing a longish post and then I realised that I don’t really have time for a longish post. Because stuff like this is happening:

frosta stools

Yes, I’m painting Ikea Frosta stools in candy colours, which is far more satisfying to my soul than you would imagine. I highly recommend this as an anti-stress activity.

Our family business is moving into our new warehouse and office (finally!!!) in a week, and I’ve been caught up in a whole bunch of unnecessary DIYs. The whole family is going down to the new space this afternoon for a put-togther-our-Ikea-furniture party. We’re super pumped.

In the meantime, Christmas is just round the corner (no really, how did that happen?) and I have three pillow cases waiting for me to Christmas-fy with sequins and gold paint, gifts to buy, and a dinner table centrepiece to put together. Which is such a first world sort of thing to say, I realise. But it’s not a complaint. I just really want a dinner table centrepiece. With fresh evergreen er… greens, and pinecones and fake holly berries and candles. I’m subconsciously making up for the past years of apathy, apparently.

Also, meanwhile, this guy insists on a packed afternoon itinerary these days.


Every single afternoon, we are compelled to leave the house, and either head to town or walk around the neighbourhood, coming back just in time for his bath and bedtime. If we don’t, everybody explodes. It’s an ugly scene.

So we’re kinda busy around here at the moment, and longish posts are all on hold just for now.

But I can say this quickly – oh I love love love this stage. Do I say this at each monthly birthday post?



But I really love this stage. He’s equal parts baby and boy. He giggles, and crawls up to me and pokes his fingers into my nose to “wake” me up if I pretend to be sleeping, softly breathing out little baby words. He laughs if I run after the bus with him in my arms. He is starting to wave at strangers, which is oddly moving to me. He sits well in our arms now, straight and balanced, all tucked in. Multiple times a day, my heart explodes.

Last night, Ralph said, “I never thought I would love my kid this much.” Yeah, I know, right?

baby crawling to papa




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