Paris haul

Ralph just got back from a short trip to Paris. It’s nice to have him back, but if I’m being honest it’s really nicer to have this come back with him:

french cosmetics


On my first trip to Paris with Ralph, we happened to drop into City Pharma on Rue Bonaparte because I needed… a bottle of water? Lip balm? Ear plugs? I have no clue. I don’t remember. But it’s a little bit like a kid walking into a drugstore thinking he’ll purchase a stick of gum and then realising he’s in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Except that the creatures swarming the aisles are not Oompa Loompas harvesting sugar grass but tourists grabbing bottles of Bioderma Solution Micellaire because everything is pretty much one quarter the price of what it is back home.

So when Ralph told me a couple weeks back that he had to go to Paris for work, I may have let out a deafening scream which sounded very much like “Cosmetics!!!” because my supply of face creams and the like had been dropping to unsafe levels. And Michael has been needing some stuff too. Sunscreen for babies apparently costs $50 for a tube here, which is just unconscionable. The same stuff costs 12.90 euro in Paris.

So it feels like Christmas in here right now, except it’s Christmas and my birthday at the same time, because hello:

sophie la girafe

6 euro each.

I firmly believe that every parent needs a Sophie la Girafe in their lives. And I need four, apparently. I guess I will give them all away! It’s not something you would ever think to buy for yourself because $30 for a piece of rubber??? Thankfully someone wise gave one to us before Michael was born, and this thing saved our lives. It’s the only toy that he has loved with such abandon since he was… two months old? It keeps him quiet and happy while commuting.



And when he’s just lying around.

Other cool things that came back with the husband…

jo malone 154 cologne

Jo Malone 154 Cologne

I’ve always wanted to get a fragrance but have always been too bewildered by the fact that there are exactly 19847820 perfumes in the world available for purchase. I heard good things about Jo Malone though, specifically that the unisex Woody / Spicy scents are excellent. Unisex Woody / Spicy sounded right up my alley so I got Ralph to pick up a small bottle of 154 for me. It’s… totally unisex and woody. It starts off smelling a bit like a sexy man sitting in a leather chair and then morphs into a woman wearing a red dress draped languorously over a piano, after an hour or so on my skin. 25% cheaper in Paris than here.


Oh nothing much, just a giant 2 kg loaf of Poilane bread.

It emerged from my husband’s suitcase looking like it’d spent the last 50 years in a museum. A holy relic. It tasted like…bread. Good naturally yeasted bread. Michael went to town with it.



It is a fact of life that if your husband’s a french dude living in Singapore, he’s going to come back with 6 packets of saucisson entirely for his own consumption. Kind of gross, but I get it. It’s like being deprived of soy sauce. Is that a bad analogy?


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