Six Months

six month baby


That’s not an obnoxious haircut. It’s all natural. My husband has threatened to shave it all off, several times.

Here we are, when once upon a time I never thought we would get here.

At six months, everything changes. Things have become so darn physical. Hello growth spurt. May we never see you again (until 9 months, nooooooooooo).

We spend our days wrangling and wrestling. He wants to be upright most of the time, which led me to search excitedly for used exersaucers on Gumtree, until I realised – quelle horreur –  he is now too tall for them. That’s right, my six month old has busted the maximum height limit of every exersaucer/jumper.

He’s still working out his crawling, and most times is thoroughly confused by his arms and legs going in all directions, leading to many a face plant and subsequent screaming. Once he works out his mobility, I think he will be a lot less frustrated.

Meanwhile, we are apparently just coming out of a horrendous week of night wakings. The best part about sleep disruption at six months is that literally it could be anything. Growth spurt / teething / muscle aches / wonder week / rolling / crawling / separation anxiety… I give up, really. We left him to sort it out himself last night, and he woke five times, and put himself back to sleep after five minutes of crying each time, which is a drastic improvement from the past week.

Otherwise, he’s really a fat bundle of joy right now. Cute even when he’s cranky. Smells good even when he’s sweaty. Responds appropriately to “Michael”. Sucks his toes. Has fat baby thighs. We are drinking it in.


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