Sleep training / Night weaning: Nights 11, 12, 13…


It’s been pretty choppy since we started sleep training Michael two weeks ago. As usual, when it comes to all things baby, it got better, then horrifyingly worse, then better. I can now report that things are looking pretty good.

For now.

The proviso being necessary because:

1) Babies can always sense when you’re becoming complacent. I know that if I even dare to think “My baby is pretty much sleeping through the night without any intervention” Michael is going to start waking every two hours, yowling to be fed, just for kicks.

2) He just started rolling, from back to tummy. He’s not a tummy sleeper.

So before it all disintegrates, let’s celebrate the fact that CIO has been incredibly effective in teaching Michael how to go back to sleep on his own. There is little we can do about his habitual wakeups in the middle of the night (which is probably a developmental phase and will sort itself out in time), but CIO has definitely made him a more secure and independent sleeper.

The quick summary:

Nights 11 & 12: he made it through to morning without crying. There were multiple wakeups after 2am, but each time he woke, he kind of pottered around for 45min or so and then put himself back to sleep with a few whinging noises. That’s 45min (at least) of keeping himself occupied in the middle of the night, and then going back to sleep all by himself. Amazing. He woke at 5am, and then had a quiet snooze-in (basically sucking his thumb and drifting off for a few minutes now and then) until I got him up at 6.15am.

Night 13: If he woke up fully in the middle of the night, I didn’t know about it. Woke at 5am again, and as usual I left him alone to contentedly snooze until 6.15am, then left our bedroom quietly to get his bottle prepared. Came back to find that he was fast asleep. He woke proper at 7am. Had his breakfast and then happily regurgitated all over my mattress while practicing his rolling.

Now that he’s sleeping so much better, we’re probably going to move him out of our bedroom and in with our helper, Lyn, very soon. No one is happier about this than poor Ralph, who has been banished to the living room couch for the past few weeks.


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