Sleep training / Night weaning: Night 4

I wasn’t going to do a Night 4 originally. It’s not that Michael is sleeping 10 hours straight, because he absolutely isn’t, but we are 1) no longer conducting who-should-feed-him discussions at 2am, and 2) no longer performing song and dance and shhh shhh shhh-ing and putting him down and picking him up and changing his diaper and putting him down and picking him up and sticking our finger in his mouth and spreading dentinox on his gums to distract him and etcetera at 2am to 4am.

We are now at zero intervention. Guys. This is awesome. High fives with mommies and daddies all around.

However, now that the stress is over (I know he won’t cry for more than half an hour, and it’s more of a complaining cry than distressed), I have presence of mind to find this exercise in sleep training quite interesting. This is what Michael did last night:

7.45pm: Sleep

2.30am: Wake and cry 2min, then sleep

4.45am: Wake and cry 15min, then sleep

6am: Wake and cry 2 min. At this point, I usually haul myself and him out of bed, because he’s done for the night. But today I was so tired that I left him in his crib for longer than usual while I snoozed. Next thing I know, it’s 7.20am. He’s still sleeping.

8.20am: Wake for the day!

Does this mean that his natural wake up time is really later, and not between 6-7am as I’ve always assumed? Does this mean that he will continue to wake at least twice at night and make enough noise to chase at least one of us out of the bedroom? Does this mean crying it out doesn’t work to fix habitual wake-ups?

Another interesting note:  he didn’t eat for 13 hours. And woke up later than he ever has in his short life. When I went in to get him, he was like this:


Head jammed into the corner as usual. He was pretty happy. I mean, he had 12 hours of cumulative night sleep. And when I asked “Breakfast?” He blinked at me and was all “Whatever. If you insist.”

I suppose I should have woken him up earlier. 7am is when his daytime routine usually starts. But waking a peacefully sleeping baby is actually illegal, so I didn’t. Whether this late sleep-in has wrecked his routine and will screw up bedtime tonight remains to be seen.



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