Sleep training / Night weaning: Night 3


7.45pm: Sleep

2.10am: Wakes and cries intermittently

2.20am: Sleep

4am: Wakes and complains 2 minutes, then sleep.

6.30am: Wake for the day!

I would venture to say that Michael is officially weaned off his night feeds. The kitchen is closed. Amazing. But let’s pretend I didn’t say anything, because every time I report something positive, he regresses just to show me up. But it does look like crying it out has really worked for our boy. It was the proverbial ripping off of the Band-Aid. Major ouchie at first, but all better now. He’s getting more night sleep than he ever has.

He’s still habitually waking at 2am and 4am or so, but we don’t care at this point as long as he can go back to sleep without us, and without too much fuss. I mean, he’s actually doing better than I am. I habitually wake right along with him (usually just before he wakes, mommy’s intuition) and I take longer to put myself back to sleep! And sometimes I go get a little snack because I’m hungry. Which is setting a terrible example, I know.


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