Finally here.


Our angel helper, Lyn, has arrived! She moved in a couple days ago into Michael’s would-have-been bedroom, and I suddenly have time that I’m not quite sure what to do with.

Clearly, it’s time to start a blog.

And maybe bake some brownies.

And start taking my time in the bathroom.

And commit to moisturizing my toes with camelia oil left over from pregnancy stretch mark prevention days. It’s the best stuff for toes.

I suppose I should also get down to some of my outstanding work, but filing a bunch of papers is not as fun as blogging about my little (ok, not so little) sack of rice.

Michael is officially at 16 weeks and a couple of days… heading into the magic 4 month mark at a frightening 9 kilograms. According to real life accounts from my mommy friends, everything comes together at 4 months. In particular, babies who have not been sleeping, start doing that a little bit more. Theoretically though, the famous 4 month sleep regression also looms threateningly. Hopefully that will never show up.

In any case, Michael’s night sleep patterns are currently all over the place, so who knows what’s going on really. We’re talking 8-9 hour stretches on some days where he puts himself back to sleep without a peep, and then horrific resettling episodes the very next night lasting between 1am to 3am. He drinks anything between 3 oz and 8 oz overnight, at random hours.

Unpredictable night wakings aside, Michael’s been a real charmer these days. He was totally flirting with the aunties and uncles at Toastbox yesterday, doing his gummy open mouthed grin, and pushing up on his little fat legs like a chubby Scottish dancer . As usual, I got to tell the story of his 4.4kg birth, and “Yes, he really is only 3 and a half months old. Yeah…I know.”


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